Executing WebdriverIO browser tests on AWS Device Farm

Update: Working on a WebdriverIO service to make this easy - wdio-aws-device-farm-service

AWS Device Farm recently announced support for desktop browser testing using Selenium starting January 14, 2020. The desktop browser service appears to be very basic and has limitations when compared to SauceLabs or CrossBrowserTesting, the other two services that I have been evaluating as part of my role at Wambi.

Since the desktop browser service is fairly new, there is no service available for it in WebdriverIO. So to make it work, you have to use the aws-sdk to generate the remote hub URL and then use a custom test runner or a launcher to use it. The launcher is required because, based on my understanding, the current implementation of the wdio test runner expects a top-level config object and this object does not allow us to integrate the async aws-sdk calls inside it. The calls have to be made through the launcher and then passed down to the final config.

As part of my journey to learn Node.js, I have figured it all out and documented it in this post. I am hoping to create a wdio-device-farm-service soon, but for now the following works well :).

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I created a browser extension to open YouTube links in YouTube Music

TL;DR - https://github.com/kapoorlakshya/youtube2music

I recently switched from YouTube to YouTube Music for my music needs. I made this decision after realizing how much better the user experience on YouTube Music is, and also that I do not care for comments or any of other non-music related features that YouTube has.

The only drawback to this decision was that it is not as easy to find newly published Indian songs on YouTube Music as it is on YouTube. I can’t just go to the channels of the popular Indian music studios and see what’s new - channels only exist on YouTube. I still have to go to YouTube to get that information, and then manually copy-paste the song or album name over to YouTube Music. I can’t use Spotify either as it doesn’t always get the latest songs or albums as fast as YouTube does.

Solution: Create a Chrome extension to redirect YouTube links to YouTube Music.

Update (06/06/2019): The extension supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as of v0.2.0.

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This is my first post ever! Thanks for stopping by.

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