I created a browser extension to open YouTube links in YouTube Music

TL;DR - https://github.com/kapoorlakshya/youtube2music

I recently switched from YouTube to YouTube Music for my music needs. I made this decision after realizing how much better the user experience on YouTube Music is, and also that I do not care for comments or any of other non-music related features that YouTube has.

The only drawback to this decision was that it is not as easy to find newly published Indian songs on YouTube Music as it is on YouTube. I can’t just go to the channels of the popular Indian music studios and see what’s new - channels only exist on YouTube. I still have to go to YouTube to get that information, and then manually copy-paste the song or album name over to YouTube Music. I can’t use Spotify either as it doesn’t always get the latest songs or albums as fast as YouTube does.

Solution: Create a Chrome extension to redirect YouTube links to YouTube Music.

Update (06/06/2019): The extension supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as of v0.2.0.

To solve this problem, I looked into creating a Chrome extension. The first hurdle was JavaScript - I only know the very basics of it. The second hurdle was figuring out the project structure and how to get the required info from the YouTube URL and parse it to create and open the target YouTube Music URL.

After about six hours of reading through the documentation and various posts on StackOverflow, I am relieved to present the “YouTube to YouTube Music” extension for Chrome and Chromium based browsers.


Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/youtube-to-youtube-music/cjcafjnfjeldocjljhejfemlgfogbcjk

Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-to-youtube-music/

Edge - See the official guide for instructions. Microsoft Store link coming soon.


Navigate to YouTube, right click any music video, and click on Open in YouTube Music in the context menu.


Additionally, you can open all youtube.com or youtu.be links from any other website. The extension enables the link in the context menu (right click menu) only if the URL you clicked on has youtube.com or youtu.be in it. Otherwise, the extension stays hidden.


“This video is not available” Error

Any video which is not categorized as “Music” is not available in YouTube Music, and will show a “This video is not available” error.


Feel free to create bug reports and request any features on GitHub.

Thank you for reading!

Written on May 31, 2019